Benefits of Mistreatment 

We found this excerpt in an article from Reuters: “We need the EU not only to guarantee peace and democracy but also the security of our people. We need the EU to serve better their needs and wishes to live, study, work, move and prosper freely across our continent and benefit from the rich European cultural heritage.”

The article is about the recent Brexit and how the remaining EU members will move forward in the future. It’s important to point out a few things. First, Europe and North America are the two continents on the planet with the highest concentration of people who classify themselves as White—and these people all come from the same origin.

Second, Europe and North America accounted for approximately 61% of global GDP in 2013 according to data obtained from The question we here at COBRA have is why is there such economic disparity amongst the seven continents.

In the excerpt from the first paragraph there is mention of a “rich European heritage.” We would just like to remind you that the heritage referenced is one of racism, enslavement, and colonization—white supremacy—and is the only reason for the economic disparity victimizing all non-White people.

So the next time some White person gets on their soapbox and starts talking about how they have worked for theirs, or how poor people (niggers) are lazy, please call them out on their bullshit and remind them that they have historically benefited and continue to benefit from mistreatment of non-white people, especially those classified as Black.


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