Recording Artist Lil Wayne: Victim of Racism (White Supremacy)

Rapper Lil Wayne told Essence magazine last week that “racism doesn’t exist” because he has not experienced it, citing the predominantly White audiences at his concerts as evidence.

In the system of Racism (White Supremacy) these kinds of comments are to be expected from descendants of slaves who are still enslaved themselves and are ignorant and confused. Lil Wayne—victim of Racism (White Supremacy)—is ignorant and confused like all Black people (including all of us here at COBRA) and should not be picked on, or called names, or ridiculed by other Black people.

Racism does exist: Lil Wayne’s own existence is all the proof that’s needed. What was Lil Wayne’s living space like growing up: what did it look like, what were his neighbors like, was there violence, was there a lot of desperation? What was his family’s net worth at the time of his birth? What did he learn in school: was there any focus on solving his biggest problem (racism) or did he just learn how to be tolerable for and how to take orders from White people?

White people have always gotten enjoyment out of watching niggers entertain—in his book Narratives of a Slave, Frederick Douglass gives an extensive account on how slaves were encouraged to sing, jump, and dance for White people on the weekends in order to blow off steam so that on Monday mornings they were once again ready to work. Lil Wayne’s predominantly White audiences proves racism: White people have always enjoyed watching their niggers entertain them.

Ask yourself why are they there? What’s the enjoyment their getting from watching a victim of Racism (White Supremacy) make a tragic spectacle of himself? It’s the same enjoyment millions of White people get everyday watching repeated coverage of Black suffering and tragedy in the news; for instance, the millions of White people who watch the continuous coverage of Black people being killed by racist police officers. Lil Wayne—with his tattoos of sorrow and self-destructive lyrics that perpetuates Racism (White Supremacy)—satisfies White people’s appetite for watching Black suffering and tragedy.


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