Shot Like Rabid Dogs In The Street

Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by police this past Tuesday (September 21) in Charlotte North Carolina.  He was a disabled Black man believed not to have been armed with anything other than a book.

In the system of Racism (White Supremacy) Black people are shot like rabid dogs in the street because White people do not view those who are classified as Black as human—there is plenty evidence of this mindset being present in White thinking within pro slavery literature before racism became as refined as it is today, and there has been no event that has happened since slavery strongly suggesting a change in how White people truly view Black people.

“The African race is a race of barbarians, and civilization to that race would be an artificial state of existence.” This is a quote from the book “The Right of American Slavery,” by True Hoit, an educated and accomplished, 19th century White man. All White people continue to contribute to the mistreatment of Blacks because they all share the same sentiment as True Hoit, and will continue to shoot niggers because niggers are not human and are not entitled to justice. Black people better wake the fuck up.


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