The Birth of a Nation Does Not Impress White People

White movie critics are not impressed with the new Birth of a Nation film by Mr. Nate Parker, giving the film a rating of 69 on Metacritic.  It seems as if unjustly tarnishing the man’s reputation was not enough, as Whites are now looking to discredit his brilliant and much needed film.  Here are some of the critiques from the so-called experts:

“His film is remarkably conventional. The framing and the camera movements are all very routine, even dated.”

“The Birth of a Nation certainly has a powerful and important story to tell, it is, ultimately, a story told with little depth or artistry or skill.”

“But while the attention given Parker’s college sexual assault charge (of which a jury cleared him), and his controversial responses to it, are likely to continue coloring discussions of the movie’s merits, it should be noted that “Birth” is an imperfect but laudable debut for a first-time filmmaker.”

All of these critics gave the film a failing grade and all of them are White.

There has not been a major motion picture which has depicted Black people lashing back at White people (which is the correct response) for their terrorism and crimes; the films have always depicted Black people as helpless, pitiful little niggers and Whites as good, moral Christians, as if they themselves are God.

We suspect that seeing Black people act with self-respect and lash out at White terrorists is the core issue these racist movie critics have with the film. Don’t be fooled, the movie is a well-done piece of art and is a must see.


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