Refinement: The act of deceiving in the interest of maintaining dominance.

White people maintain dominance because they are great deceivers: they pretend to be a people of great ideas, morality, and values, but they are not.

They pretend to be spiritual and God fearing, but they are neither: half of the world’s population lives on less than a dollar a day because of their worldview which excludes and mistreats non-White people. What’s spiritual about this? What’s Godly about this?

They pretend to be Democratic, but they are not: look at the legal and financial barriers that prevent non-White people from voting or ever holding office, or how most of the politicians and bureaucrats are of the same priviledged, racist background. And look at how money influences the political process: lobbyists, pork projects, and political campaigns; the focus is always on the acquisition of funding in a politicians’ self-interest, not governing justly.

They pretend to be inclusive, but they are racist. They have tried to re-define racism so that it is inclusive of everyone, but this is refinement. White people are the only ones that practice racism, therefore they are the only people that are racists. Don’t be fooled by their refinement.


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