White Students Pretending to be Victims at the University of Texas Austin

Conservative students held a racist bake sale at the University of Texas Austin to protest affirmative action policies at the school. In 2015, 45.1% of the students at the school were White, 3% were Black.

All White people involved—those for and against affirmative action policy—are racist.

Being for affirmative action does not mean one isn’t a racist, it just means they are refined in their practice of racism. Refined racists understand that it is more advantageous to maintain White Supremacy with little to no resistance from Black people as opposed to maintaining White Supremacy with large amounts of resistance from Black people. This is why some White people champion affirmative action policies— it gives the illusion of inclusion which confuses those classified as Black, while keeping White Supremacy in place.

Those who oppose affirmative action are no more racist than those who are for it, they are just not as refined. These are the people who want to maintain White Supremacy and are not ashamed of wanting to do so, unlike refined racists who are.

It’s very simple, if White people really wanted all Black people to have equal opportunity to education then all Black people would have equal opportunity to education, for Whites are the ones who make the rules. White people are not at an inclusive people—they even practice exclusion amongst themselves—and they will never change this characteristic about themselves, especially for Black people (niggers).


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