Here Is What White People Think About Racism

52% of White people in the United States believe that they experience the same amount of racism as Black people according to a Vice Canada article. Here once again, White people are pretending to be victims, which confuses Black people, and hides their culpability–all of them.

This stat should indicate that White people will never take steps to stop mistreating Black people; at best, they will continue to only give lip service to the idea of ending racism–keep in mind that over half of the White population feels this way, but that this stat does not represent White people who were dishonest in answering the question in order to maintain their cover of refinement.

This should be all the evidence needed for those classified as Black to make the behavioral changes and take the constructive steps needed to undermine White Supremacy, but we suspect Black people will remain self-hating and disrespectful of themselves, and continue being good little passive Christians for White people.


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