Racism Exists Even In Hollywood

The movie Inferno, directed by legendary Hollywood film director Ron Howard, is being considered as a flop my many movie critics—this is Ron Howard’s fourth consecutive flop.

In the system of Racism (White Supremacy) all of the high paying jobs go to White people. Take the job of Hollywood director for instance, how many Black people are directors? How many White people are directors?

There are definitely more White directors than Black directors obviously, but why is this? Is it because White people are better directors? Does their White skin inevitably somehow make their movie making skills that much better than Black directors, as the number of White directors compared to Black directors seemingly suggests?

There are more White directors than Black directors in Hollywood for the same reason why Ron Howard can have four major Hollywood flops and still be considered credible—how many Black directors do you know that have had $70 to $100 million budgets for their movies, flopped, and still be given third, fourth, and fifth chances to direct major motion pictures?

The reason is that we live in a system of Racism (White Supremacy), a system in which White people control everything. The sooner those who are classified as Black understands this, the sooner constructive action can be taken to counter this wretched, disgusting system.


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