What All Successful Relationships Need

Trust: If you can not trust your partner with your life, you do not truly have a life-long partner.

Communication: All problems that arise in a relationship can be properly settled through effective communication.

Appreciation: Because people generally like to feel appreciated, it is good practice to consistently remind your significant other of how much he/she is appreciated.

Rules: Because every relationship is different, sensible boundaries and guidelines must be established.

Honesty: Trust feeds off of honesty, essential to any trusting relationship.

Discipline: Staying together permanently with your significant other takes commitment, and commitment takes discipline.

Intimacy: Intimacy is key to any successful relationship because it expresses love in ways words never can, or will.

Support: You and your significant other will experience turbulent times.  It is the support that you have for each other that will pull you through.

Values: You and your significant other should have the same core values in order to minimize conflict.

Empathy: In order to understand and connect with your significant other, you have to be able to empathize with their feelings/concerns.

Planning: A successful relationship needs a roadmap of the way forward on which both partners can agree to.

Finance: Financial instability ruins relationships and should be avoided.

Spirituality: It is important for the growth and longevity of your relationship that you and your significant other understand that your union is a part of something greater than yourselves.


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