Floyd Mayweather/Connor McGregor Super Fight: Final Thoughts

The Floyd Mayweather/Connor McGregor super fight from this past weekend is expected to bring in close to $1 billion dollars once all is said and done, making it the biggest grossing fight in history.  While many writers have approached this topic from a purely economic perspective, we will stay true to our cause and focus on the perspective which reveals White people as they really are: racists.

The economics of this fight proves that White people, specifically the so-called “good Whites,” are only interested in providing lip service to the idea of ending racism; their collective behavior reveals they are not, nor have they ever been, serious about ending their practice of racism.

Whites poured close to a billion dollars into this fight: $500 million in pay-per-view buys, $90 million in ticket sales, and close to $100 million in international broadcast rights.

According to an article published by School Planning and Management, the average cost to build a middle school here in the state of Georgia is around $26 million dollars.  White people are very well aware of the importance of education, for true sovereignty can’t be obtained without it, so if they were really serious about ending racism and being partners in bringing about equality, they would collectively invest in the education of Black people, a true education where the focus is on solving problems.

Instead of being serious about ending racism, White people are more interested in investing time and energy in destructive activities, such as the pathetic, trashy prize fight observed by millions this past weekend, at the expense of taking the necessary steps to end racism, perpetuating the system of Racism (White Supremacy) – and to perpetuate racism is to practice racism.

After a careful review of the evidence, evidence being the collective behavior of Whites since the Atlantic Slave Trade, the unfortunate truth is revealed: White people have not shown themselves thus far to really be serious about solving the problem of racism, and I suspect they never will.


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