Relationship Between Black Men And Black Women In Black Music

An article in Hip Hop DX reports on Jay-Z’s admiration for his mother, equating her to the late poet and civil rights activist Maya Angelou.  Narratives displaying relations amongst Black men and Black women as positive being in short supply these days, we thought it highly appropriate to write something in regards to this topic, particularly as it relates to music.

The article, its focus being on the admiration a Black man has for his mother, is a breath of fresh air within hip hop, where the relationship between Black men and Black women usually amounts to nothing more than a pathetic display of embarrassment and trashiness.  To be honest, Black women are always portrayed as “less than” in Black music: they’re portrayed as bitches, sluts, hoes, thots, sex objects, undesirable, stupid, and niggers.

Black culture (what a people do) is pathetic, in large part because we have not had time afforded to develop a real culture since the Atlantic Slave Trade – that which has been deemed as Black culture is merely a response to mistreatment by Whites.

Music moves the spirit and guides us – soldiers march into battle to the tune of music, guided by its rhythm and sound.  We as Black people have to seriously think about, and collectively create a culture that works for us, globally, and once this culture has been created, use music to perpetuate it and guide future generations so that they do not stray from what should and should not be done, particularly in relations amongst the sexes.

Our music should reinforce positive male/female relations, and the idea of strong Black families.  Anytime Black women are referenced in our music, it should be with the admiration Jay-Z shows his mother in the Hip Hop DX article, or the respect he shows his wife and daughter on his latest album, not the lack of respect, disdain, and ugliness normally shown towards Black women.  A people who do not respect themselves are not worthy of respect, and, rightfully so, will forever be viewed and treated as less than – niggers.


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